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Copy writing and Google SEO

Print copywriting, editorial and research

The copywiting samples below are taken from mostly magazines, newsletters and adverts. I can also copywrite for websites, direct mail, search engine optimisation and instruction manuals.


…The most expensive car available for purchase was a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, with a price tag of ¬£313,565. Our favourite was the only cold thing at the show – a Ford Focus made completely from ice…

…Very often the bathroom can be the coldest and bleakest room in the home – especially in the depths of winter. Getting the bathroom of your dreams can be fraught especially when dealing with electricians, plumbers and decorators. With a little help from Nick Cunningham, you can transform any bathroom into the comfortable room it should be….

….To help you to make the most of your trip and plan your day, the National Trust has pulled together a selection of fascinating properties grouped together by common themes and organised by location. Themes such as great writers, ghosts, famous people, film connections and grand estates will help you decide on which places to visit and where to go….

…Half of all damage to trains is usually caused by children between the ages of 5 and 16 throwing rocks or bricks from the side of the tracks or putting things on the tracks…

…¬∑ Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car users, and four times more likely to be killed than push-bike riders…

…Domestic abuse is not about anger; it’s about trying to instill fear and wanting to have power and control in the relationship. Anger is just one way that an abuser tries to gain authority. The person involved may also turn to physical violence – kicking, punching, grabbing, slapping, for example…

…Many things we like to eat, listen to and wear are also influenced by different cultures. Rap music originally came from African styles of music. Hip-hop and R’n’B are some of the most popular types of music amongst young people…

existing and past clients include:

  • Matrix Magazines
  • The Guardian
  • Your Horse
  • Exchange and Mart
  • Kent Messenger Group
  • Men and Motors
  • 1st Car magazine
  • Horse Hackers Equestrian magazine
  • Kent Police
  • Local Government
  • Rooks Foods Products
  • Oast House Media
  • Carrier Promotions
  • HearSound Magazine
  • Kent File Magazine

plus many smaller publications and business copy

news paper copy writing